SatisGuard to Showcase ZTNA Solution at CyberDSA 2023

Protect your network security in the post-quantum era!

SatisGuard, a leading cybersecurity company, will showcase its ZTNA solution at CyberDSA 2023, the leading cybersecurity event in Malaysia. The event will be held from 15th to 17th May 2023 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

SatisGuard’s ZTNA solution highlights the solutions driven by post-quantum cryptography technology to protect data from even the most powerful quantum computers. This ensures that your sensitive and confidential information remains safe, even if unauthorized individuals or organizations access it. One of the solutions, Post-Quantum Secure Tunnel (PQ-Tunnel) enables enterprises with the abilities of comprehensive identity authentication, traffic management, and key distribution and effectively reducing the risk of CVE vulnerabilities commonly found in traditional VPNs and gradually transitioning to secure zero-trust access.

In addition to PQ-Tunnel, SatisGuard will also showcase its other cybersecurity solutions:

  • Threat Intelligence & Simulation Solutions: offering early-warning malicious intelligence analysis, hacker behaviour research, offensive and defensive exercises (training), and high-level ethical hacking technical services;
  • Email Security Solutions: providing comprehensive on-premise email services and security solutions bundled with a complete set of security services such as APT protection, Malicious Email detection, SEP protection, BEC Protection, and SMPT connection Detection;
  • Fractal Data Storage Solutions: CyberMetaQ (CMQ) - A new encryption architecture of "Fragmental Encryption" to achieve the invisible effect (fragmentation + Encryption + Blockchain technology);
  • Network Detection and Response (NDR) Solutions: presenting CITADEL, the advanced Network Detection and Response (NDR) tool that provides real-time monitoring and threat detection for your network security needs.

With a proven track record of helping organizations protect their data and systems from cyber threats, SatisGuard is your trusted cybersecurity partner for businesses of all sizes.

Visit Booth 7204 at CyberDSA 2023 to learn more about SatisGuard’s cybersecurity solutions.

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